Reset Apple ID Security Questions

Reset Apple ID Security Questions

Read this blog to understand how to reset or change the Apple ID security questions. To begin with, let’s start with the necessary information about what are these questions, and why are they essential. Whenever you purchase any Apple product (iPhone, iPad, Mac, or more), you are required to set an ID for yourself backed up by a security question. Apple uses this method to identify yourself or when you are contacting Apple Technical Support for any query. They are used in by joining with some other information, which lets Apple know that you are the same person who wished to access the account. The security questions play a significant role when you are trying to reset the account password or wish to access any critical account information. It also shows its importance when a user wishes to purchase iTunes from a new device or want to view the details of the device.

You must have now got an idea of how significant ‘Security Question’ is when it comes to your Apple products. In case you forget the same or want to change it for personal reasons, then you can follow the steps shared below. One can also contact Apple support, and have a word with the experts.

How to reset or change the Apple ID security question

  • Visit Apple.com from any preferred web browser and enter your Apple ID
  • Click on ‘Continue’
  • From the two options shown on the screen, put a mark near the radio button ‘I need to reset my security questions’ and then again click on ‘Continue.’
  • You need to follow the on-screen prompts now so that Apple verifies your identity. The information is based on the details of the account.
  • Once done, proceed to reset the security questions.
  • Also note that if you don’t have any option that can verify your identity, you can straight away jump to reset the security question
  • Now, select new questions and their equivalent answers.
  • Choose at least three questions, and then click on ‘Continue.’
  • Make sure you select the questions for which the answers are hard to guess, and nobody else other than you can even try to answer it.
  • Another option that helps to add an extra layer of protection is setting up the two-factor authentication.

Apple ID Security questions are fundamental. They are like a window to access many of its benefits and services. Ensure you don’t forget them and set those which are easy for you to remember, but hard for anyone to guess. And, if you come across any trouble while resetting the question, then dial Apple Phone Number, and contact the experts as soon as possible.

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